Crossroads Cycling Classic

The Evo Sponsored Masters Team was hard at work at Crossroads and dominated the 40+ competition, as rarely seen!

Thursday: Dave Fuentes wins solo and laps the field – Leader & Sprinter’s jersey!
Friday: Dan Underwood wins in a 3-man break – Sprinter’s jersey!
Saturday: Cam Holland wins in a 3-man break, with Mike Stearns placing 3rd!
Sunday: Mike Stearns wins in a solo breakaway!

Overall Points Competition:
Dave Fuentes wins Jersey
Dan Underwood – 3rd place
Mike Stearns – 5th place

Sprinter’s Points Competition: Dan Underwood wins Jersey

Congrats you Studs!!! Unbelievable performance!!

Crossroads Team 8-7-16

Crossroads Points 8-7-16

Crossroads Sprinter 8-7-16

Crossroads Cam 8-6-16

Crossroads Dano 8-5-16


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