2014 Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster

Member Incentive/Reimbursement Plan

A points-based system is used to attach a value to the various contributions members make toward the success of Evolution Cycling Club. The following criteria allow team members to calculate their own “level” and determine what they can do to get to the next level.

A certain level of discretion may be exercised by the Board of Directors as required to ensure members are treated appropriately.

Total reimbursement will be calculated based on each member’s portion of the total club contribution multiplied by the total dollar amount available to the plan.

Number of Races (raced as an Evo Rider)

USA Cycling/NORBA accredited races. Non-NORBA mountain bike races will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Training races do not count. Each stage of a stage race counts as one race.

Number of Races Points
10 races or more 5 pts
20 races or more 10 pts
30 races or more 15 pts
40 races or more 20 pts
50 races or more 25 pts

Category Level at End of Season

Your category level at the end of the year (this will also account for anyone who upgrades during the year)

Category Points
1 or 2 10 pts
3 5 pts
4 or 5 0 pts

Championships Win (Gold)

MABRA Championship or BAR/VA Championship, BAR, or Omnium/NORBA Championship

  • 10 pts (for each win)

Championship Medal (Silver or Bronze)

MABRA Championship or BAR/VA Championship, BAR, or Omnium/NORBA Championship

  • 5 pts (for each medal)

Top Five in Significant Race – NRC/National Championships

  • 10 pts (for each)

Top Five Placing for Other Races

Points awarded for each top five recorded except Championships/NRC races included above.

  • 2 pts (for each)

Major Club Contributions – 15 pts

  • Club officer – President
  • Club officer – Vice President
  • Club officer – Treasurer
  • Lead Clothing Order
  • Inventory Manager
  • Organizer of RTCGP

Significant Club Contributions – 10 pts

  • Club Membership Coordinator
  • Significant contributor to RTCGP: Media promotion; Set-up & tear down leadership; Expo leadership; Marshal & Volunteer coordinator
  • Organizer of Chantilly Criterium
  • Newsletter Editor/Illustrator
  • Website management
  • Obtained significant Club sponsorship for the entire club ($1K or above)
  • Active USA Cycling race official (Represented Evolution in a minimum of two (2) races in the current season)
  • Training Camp Leader

Other Club Contributions – 5 pts

  • At Large Board Members
  • Significant contributor to Chantilly Criterium: Media promotion; Set-up & tear down leadership; Marshal & Volunteer coordinator
  • Team Captain
  • Significant contributor to clothing order; Design; Registration set-up & compilation; Sorting
  • Club ride leader
  • Presenting skills sessions or workshops
  • Camp food coordinator
  • Other contributions approved by the Board

Rider Sponsorship Benefits (1)

Team Level Points
Race Dollar
Payout (4)(6)
Discount Level
40+ 1 jersey, 2 shorts/bibs $500 A
2 15-39 0 $150 B
3 0-14 0 $50 B

(1) Members of the Evolution Cycling Club Sponsored Team are not reimbursed under the system above, but are required to submit their reimbursement spreadsheet at the end of the year.

(2) Clothing allocation and Discount Level will be based on the points accumulated in the previous season.

(3) The clothing allocation above does not include the jersey included in the membership fees.

(4) Reimbursement payout is calculated at the end of the season by prorating a rider’s points score at the end of the year over the total score for the club and then multiplying by the total reimbursement dollars available to the plan. The maximum payout is there to prevent a rider getting a disproportionate share of the rider reimbursement funds.

(5) Where sponsors offer a tiered discount system Level A is the preferred level.

(6) All riders who request rider reimbursement must serve as a volunteer for Evolution Cycling Club during the sponsorship year. This includes, but is not limited to: serving as a club officer, committee member, team leader, event coordinator, race marshal or ride leader.

(7) Should conditions between a member and Evolution Cycling Club deteriorate beyond a point of reconciliation, Evolution Cycling Club will terminate such membership without providing any reimbursements.

Travel Expense Reimbursement

Club members who wish to compete as a team (4 or more riders) at stage races or weekend events that require travel outside of the Virginia and MABRA area may submit a proposal to have the club sponsor all or part the trip.

Members of the Evolution Cycling Club Sponsored Team are not entitled to Travel Expense Reimbursement under this program.

Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster 2012 Sponsors

Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster would like to recognize and thank our sponsors:

Cash Sponsors

  • Long & Foster Settlement Services
  • Long & Foster Insurance
  • Prosperity Mortgage
  • K3Corp & Aldivia
  • The Grove Center for Chiropractic and Wellness
  • RGS Title
  • Sage Title Group
  • Huzzah Hobbies
  • Powder Trails & Husky Tails

Sponsors’ Discounts


  • The Bike Lane – Bike Shop Sponsor – Discount on sales and service
  • Rudy Project – Sunglasses and Helmet Sponsor – Pro Deal discount pricing
  • Neuvation Cycling – Wheel Sponsor – Discount pricing
  • Schwalbe – Tire Sponsor – Discount pricing
  • Potomac River Running – Running Equipment – Discounted Pricing


  • Pyramid Training Systems – Coaching Sponsor – Discounted coaching services and consultations
  • Evolution Health & Fitness – Gym Sponsor – Discount on membership, group exercise and locker service for team rides
  • Sue’s Healing Touch – Licensed Massage Therapist Sponsor – Discount on massages
  • Potomac River Running Stores (DC, Arlington, Ashburn, Reston & Burke) – Running merchandise and services

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