In addition to offering accomplished and developing riders an environment where they can hone their skills while riders new to the sport gain access to a wealth of race experience, coaching and training support, Evolution Cycling Club strives to support the community that supports us.

  • As with most sports, cycling carries some form of risk whether you’re in competition or just out for a ride on the trail. Evolution Cycling Club supports Katherine E. Carleton Fund for Traumatic Brain Injury Research and Education, a Charitable Foundation in association with the Medical College of Virginia Foundation and VCU Health, that raises awareness and funding for brain injury research and helps survivors connect to support and information during their recovery.
  • Four team members serve as Officials throughout the race season. In addition to keeping our club in good standing with MABRA and the Virginia Cycling Association, these four team members represent Evolution Cycling Club by giving their time to the race community.
  • Many team members personally contribute to our community. Whether it’s by hosting rides and skills clinics, giving new riders advice and guidance or donating time to communities and associations, we support those who support us.

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