Ride Sally Ride Crit, VA (05-07-17)

Cat 5 Jeremy Vaughan 7th
Doug Crooke 17th
Simon Thrush 19th
Cat 3 Peter Steyaert 30th
Jason Funderburk 40th
Women 3 Christine Fuentes 4th
Gwenn Afton 6th
Cat 1/2/3 Dano Underwood 13th
Dave Fuentes 50th
Women 1/2/3 Laura Cook 7th
Men 35+ 3/4 James Freire 52nd
Men 35+ 1/2/3 Cameron Holland 4th
Peter Steyaert 18th
Dave Fuentes 20th
Dano Underwood 25th
James Freire 28th
Men 45+ Craig Guensch 15th
Ray Plewacki 23th

Bunny Hop Crit, MD (05-06-17)

Cat 5 Doug Crooke 5th
Women 3/4 Christine Fuentes 4th
Men 35+ Dave Fuentes 4th
Dano Underwood 5th
Mark Austin 9th
Michael Stearns 14th
Men 55+ Ray Plewacki 2nd
Victor Siegfried 3rd
Women 45+ Christine Fuentes 1st

Wintergreen Ascent, VA (05-06-17)

Women 1/2 Laura Cook 1st
Men 40+ Cameron Holland 3rd

Turkey Hill RR, PA (05-06-17)

Men 45+ Phil Falconer 37th


Argyle TT, WV (04-30-17)

Cat 5 Jeremy Vaughan 1st
Douglas Crooke 5th
Cat 4 Mark Wlodarczak 2nd
James Freire 10th
Dave Saunders 12th
Men 35+ Dave Fuentes 1st
Mike Stearns 2nd
Men 55+ Ray Plewacki 5th
Craig Guensch 11th
Women 50+ Christine Fuentes 2nd

All American RR, MD (04-29-17)

Cat 4 James Freire 31st
Women 1/2/3 Dana Stryk 12th
Christine Fuentes 21st
Men 35+ 4/5 Matt Song 25th
Men 35+ 1/2/3 Mark Austin 4th
Victor Siegfried 18th
Mike Stearns 33rd
Dave Fuentes 34th
Geoff Hughes 37th
Dano Underwood 40th
Chuck Kyle 44th

Rund um Autohaus Graf und Radgalerie Bruchsal, Germany (04-23-17)

Jederman Adam Diem 2nd
Ioannis Fotion 5th

Rock Hill Criterium, SC (04-22-17)

Masters 45+ Chuck Kyle 24th

Elkridge Classic RR, MD (04-15-17)

Men Cat 4 James Freire 49th
Men Cat 3 Victor Siegfried 32nd
Jason Funderburk 39th

Carl Dolan, MD (04-09-17)

Men Cat 5 Simon Thrush 30th
Men Cat 3 Christopher Guepe 19th
Peter Steyaert 22rd
Women 1/2/3 Gwenn Afton 15th
Christine Fuentes 21st
Men 35+ Dan Underwood ~12th
Dave Fuentes ~20th
Victor Siegfried 27th
Michael Stearns 29th
Peter Steyaert 37th
Ray Plewacki 42nd
James Stroud 43rd
Phil Falconer 61st
Geoff Hughes 64th
Men 45+ James Stroud 37th
Phil Falconer 40th
Men 55+ Victor Siegfried 2nd
Craig Guensch 4th
Ray Plewacki 5th

Jefferson Cup, VA (04-02-17)

Men Cat 5 Jeremy Vaughan 17th
Simon Thrush 23rd
Men Cat 3 Peter Steyaert 12th
Women 1/2/3 Laura Cook 3rd
Dana Stryk 9th
Men 35+ Michael Stearns 1st
Dave Fuentes 2nd
Cameron Holland 6th
Dan Underwood 12th
Chuck Kyle 17th
Geoff Hughes 19th
Men 45+ James Stroud 27th
Men 55+ Ray Plewacki 2nd
Craig Guensch 15th
Victor Siegfried 19th

Conquer the Canal ITT, VA (04-01-17)

Women 1/2/3 Laura Cook 2nd
Dana Stryk 5th
Men 35+ Dave Fuentes 1st
Cameron Holland 3rd
Men 45+ Ted Michaels 1st
Michael Stearns 2nd
Chuck Kyle 5th
Men 55+ Ray Plewacki 3rd
Craig Guensch 4th
Women 45+ Christine Fuentes 1st


Richmond Inter. Raceway Crit, VA (03-26-17)

Men Cat 3 Jason Funderburk 2nd
Women Cat 1/2/3 Laura Cook 4th
Men 55+ Craig Guensch 8th

Tierra Del Sol RR, NM (03-25-17)

Men 45+ Chuck Kyle 5th

Tucson Bicycle Classic, AZ (03-17/19-17)

ITT Men 45+ Chuck Kyle 19th
ITT Women 45+ Dana Stryk 3rd

Shamrock Crit, VA (03-11-17)

Men Cat 5 Douglas Crooke 19th
Men 35+ Cameron Holland 2nd

W & M Tidewater Winter Classic, VA (03-04-17)

Men Cat 4 David Saunders 37th
Men Cat 3 Jason Funderburk 5th
Men Cat 1/2/3 Jason Funderburk 27th
Men 45+ Ray Plewacki 7th
Victor Siegfried 9th
James Stroud 14th


MonsterCross, VA (02-19-17)

Men 40+ Dave Fuentes 1st
Michael Stearns 3rd
Raphael Silvestro 41st

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