About Membership

2017-2018 Members

Evolution Cycling members like to compete as part of a team and give back to the racing community, all while having fun.

Team activities include:

  • Weekend group training rides
  • Weekday skills rides (racing season)
  • Team travel to races
  • Annual team training camp
  • Monthly team meeting and dinner

Besides being part of the best team in the DC area (not that we’re biased), the team offers the following benefits, based on a variety of factors, including racing frequency, racing results, and contributions to the club:

  • Sponsor discounts
  • Race reimbursements
  • Race travel reimbursements to select events
  • Low-cost team training camp
  • Consideration for Sponsored Team

All Evolution members are expected to give back to the club and to the greater racing community.  Members of the club contribute in a variety of ways, including:

  • Leading team rides
  • Providing skills clinics
  • Providing support to our two annual racing events
  • Supporting our annual team training camp
  • Coordinating with various racing federations (USAC, MABRA, VA Cycling)
  • Managing team activities
  • Liaising with our sponsors
  • And more …

If you are the type of person who not only likes to race your bike, but likes to be part of a bigger team and contribute in other ways as well, Evolution is right for you!

Learn more about joining our team.

Join Our Team

  • Gwenn Afton
  • Hyder Ali
  • Mark Austin
  • Varreece Berry
  • Chad Billings
  • Cory Blaser
  • Ryan Bower
  • Macemon Brandon
  • Kevin Brownstein
  • Cherri Burch
  • Jason Carver
  • John Chemycz
  • Laura Cook
  • Douglas Crooke
  • John Crouse
  • James Dapper
  • Jordan Davis
  • Adam Diem
  • Brian Dimock
  • David Duvall
  • Tim Ellenwood
  • Bruce Enger
  • Phil Falconer
  • Mitch Ferro
  • Melissa Ferro
  • Ioannis Fotiou
  • James Freire
  • Christine Fuentes
  • Dave Fuentes
  • Jason Funderburk
  • Stephen Gallagher
  • Elvert Gardner
  • Vincent Gilkey
  • Steven Givler
  • Julia Glowacki
  • Michael Gnatek
  • Craig Guensch
  • Christopher Guepe
  • Arnold Hammari
  • Jimmy Hargrove
  • Danny Havard
  • Andrew Henle
  • Charles Hogan
  • Joel Holder
  • Cameron Holland
  • Geoff Hughes
  • Anne Hughes
  • Jawahar Kandasamy
  • Phil Kaskela
  • Todd Kinkead
  • Charles Kyle
  • James Lees
  • Stephen Lindsey
  • Ted Michaels
  • Trent Minter
  • Paul Montanus
  • Scott Noren
  • Jeff Pannaman
  • Martin Pemberton
  • Ray Plewacki
  • Jerry Pollatos
  • Jonathan Poole
  • Tyra Rivkin
  • Chas Ryan
  • David Safford
  • Esteban Sancho
  • Michelle Sanders
  • David Saunders
  • Michele Scherer
  • Daniel Schumacher
  • Victor Siegfried
  • Raphael Silvestro
  • Hee Song
  • Tania Steinschneider
  • Phil Steinschneider
  • Peter Steyaert
  • Jeffery Stitzel
  • James Stroud
  • Dana Stryk
  • Marty Timmons
  • Erin Timmons
  • Lex Turner
  • Dan Underwood
  • Thom Vagt
  • Jeremy Vaughan
  • Greg Walker
  • Temple Washington
  • Theodore Wilson

2 thoughts on “Members and Benefits

  1. Hi Turtle, hi Eric,

    we met last sunday at the ADFC-tour with Ulf. It was a pleasure to meet you. Hope, we soon will have a tour together again. This weekend the club of Ulf an me – the RTC Stuttgart – has a traditional 2-days-ride to Riedlingen. That’s a town close to the Donau river. But as you said your going to have a ride on the Nordschleife this weekend. I did that cours last tuesday for a race-training by motorbike. It was really exciting boosted by a machine. And it will be a lot more breathtaking with only you between the two wheels to be pushed forward. Enjoy it !

    c.u. 🙂 Arist


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