“I want to return the expressions of appreciation, thanks and friendship that were conveyed during Evo’s sponsor appreciation party. As a sponsor and teammate, Evo is simply a wonderful group with which to associate and an outstanding example of what cycling can represent in this community.

Time and again, the team, in both noted and quiet ways, goes far beyond the needs of the team and rallies to the individual, the sport and the surrounding community.

In just a few years, our membership has driven upward, we have achieved unimagined diversity in the sport–racing in all disciplines, in both genders, at all levels of experience.

It’s easy to continue to sponsor such a fine group, not because it does any particular good for my small company, but because each of you deserve to be recognized for what you contribute to the good of the whole.

So, on behalf of my wife, business partner and best friend, Jane, our thanks to each of you! Congratulations on a 2010 that continues to be amazing and best wishes for an even more successful 2011. ”

Jeffrey Ritter (Water’s Edge – sponsor)